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It is hard to manage information about your business. You need to gather data, keep records, prompt users to complete tasks, and you want regularly updated, attractive and accurate reports – for management control and billing. You need a customised or complete business management software, for your everyday business needs.

Business Net Solutions have many years’ experience in creating web and database business management software systems for companies in the UK. We have developed our own range of software that helps you to remain connected within your business and with your business partners – via easy to modify forms; via mobile apps; auto-emails work flow; and via automatic transfer of data files. We are experts Business Analysis, Microsoft technology, software development,  data analysis, and management reporting. Using our web-based business portal Enterprise Scorecard, we can create your next business management system in just a few days, and coupled to Mobile Scorecard we can extend the system to your mobile workforce.

We are ready to help you take control of your business.

Here are examples of companies we have helped:

  •          ASDA – Customer satisfaction surveys
  •          ED&F Man – Insurance, disputes, and corporate governance
  •          Rolls Royce – Security Audit
  •          T-Mobile – Business Impact Analysis
  •          Dematic – Safety training and testing
  •          Emerson – Global, Electrical Safety audits
  •          Tesco – Photographs of newly installed self check-out terminals
  •          Royal Bank of Scotland – Mobile field service operations
  •          Elavon Merchant Services – Data Analysis
  •          Lantec Europe – Logistics and bespoke ERP software
  •          RaceLogic – ecommerce, Maintenance, and finance software

Why talk to us?

  •          You need a business solution or business management software with the minimum fuss and delay.
  •          Your workforce is geographically scattered, but needs access to a centralised database.
  •          Your solution needs to be customised for your needs, rather than changing your business to suit the software.
  •          You need reliable, technology from Microsoft certified experts.
  •          You want clear and accurate reports sent automatically.
  •          You like talking to experienced developers in plain English.

 Request a free consultation and demo business system

Mobile Scorecard is a simple yet powerful mobile application which runs on any tablet and mobile device to help you gather and collect data wherever you are. This application fits to any industry that includes visiting client sites and making deliveries. We have  a simple and easy to use user interface that will help you to start collecting data on the move. Our complete business management software can help you go paper-less and work offline while working even in remote places. It is easy to install and use, just by going  and downloading it to Google Play Store.

Data Management and SecurityMobile Scorecard

Mobile Scorecard can help you maintain and gather the flow of data within your business because all data sent and received are supported by a cloud storage, accessible 24X7. We make sure that all your data is secured and can be accessed only by your company. All the information is transferred real-time to users via mobile or on the desktop. Our up to minute information, can help you to stay updated with reports, emails and instant messages needed by your employees. All reports created can be exported to PDF and MS Office files so you can view and analyse all data sent from your employees.

A Complete Business Solution

Mobile Scorecard offers different solution templates to choose from that is ready to use which is a  perfect fit to any business. We can help your increase efficiency with the smart forms, we provided. Businesses can start using and customising its contents through our enterprise scorecard portal. Manage your reports, analytics and monitoring in one application to save you time, money and space. Visit Us at our Mobile Scorecard Website!

Empowering Business through Smart Information Management

Information wherever you need it, when it matters most. That's what drives our company, and what you'll get with the Enterprise Scorecard, the Universal Business Management System.

Enterprise Scorecard is a powerful and sophisticated web-based system for managing information. It facilitates the gathering of data from various people and computer systems across your business and allows you to keep detailed records of their activities and route that data to managers and administrators who make decisions and take action.

Its powerful user-facing Business Portal functions include user access control and email among other essential admin functions, a reports engine capable of producing bespoke or user-defined reports and dashboards, a document file store, document workflow, wikis, templates discussion areas, and other web-based services.enterprise scorecard

Built on Microsoft Visual Studio for the .Net framework, it leverages the strength of SQL Server to deliver solutions that enable management to make critical decisions. Our experience is very much in and around the area of Enterprise Resource Planning and executive decision support technologies, including web services, SQL integration services, as well as desktop applications built using Microsoft Access and Excel. We have also invested in cost-efficient cloud computing to ensure that your data remains secure and accessible whenever you need it from any business location across the globe.

We have built solutions for a wide range of business processes such as Business Continuity Management, Quality Management, IT Security, Health and Safety Management,Enterprise Risk Management, and Integrated Management Systems. In the process we have acquired a wealth of knowledge on these specialties and can offer pre-built solutions such as templates and reports for your needs on any of these areas. On top of this, we can customise our solutions to fit your specific needs. We have a development team that includes highly experienced and degree-educated developers employed in Milton Keynes UK. The team specialises in web-based business systems, which we have been developing together since 1999. 

To learn more about the many ways Enterprise Scorecard can be applied across diverse business concerns, download our Product Brochure now.

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