Business Net Solutions Ltd. has now released Multilingual option for Mobile Scorecard

At Business Net Solutions we are committed to respond to the needs of our customers. So when we were approached by a famous international coffee shop to use Mobile Scorecard to audit the operation, branding, and cleanliness of their coffee shops – we were delighted. 

Mobile Scorecard now available to download Free from Google Play Store

Mobile Scorecard app’s Personal and premium has been released and available to download from Google Play Store. The app has been updated on the requests and feedback from various clients on how they would like to use it.


Product Launch of Mobile Scorecard

Business Net Solutions has launched a new product called Mobile Scorecard:  A mobile app that can both distribute work instructions and collect data using smart forms from mobile workers.

Mobile Scorecard can be used in many different applications such as: site inspections; worksheets; order entry; safety audits; mobile worker tracking; image and form-data collection. The program comes in two versions: a browser based tool that can operate from any web-enabled mobile, tablet, netbook or laptop computer, and also a version for Android phones and tablets. The Android version integrates with the phone, navigate, tracking, and camera functions, and also has the ability to work offline, and so a permanent data connection is not necessary which may be important for users working in remote areas or buildings with poor data connectivity.