Product Launch of Mobile Scorecard

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chetan Deshmukh

Business Net Solutions has launched a new product called Mobile Scorecard:  A mobile app that can both distribute work instructions and collect data using smart forms from mobile workers.

Mobile Scorecard can be used in many different applications such as: site inspections; worksheets; order entry; safety audits; mobile worker tracking; image and form-data collection. The program comes in two versions: a browser based tool that can operate from any web-enabled mobile, tablet, netbook or laptop computer, and also a version for Android phones and tablets. The Android version integrates with the phone, navigate, tracking, and camera functions, and also has the ability to work offline, and so a permanent data connection is not necessary which may be important for users working in remote areas or buildings with poor data connectivity.



Using Mobile Scorecard, a business administrator can design and populate a “document” containing work instructions such as the name and address of a customer, and can then send the document to a specified remote worker. The remote worker is instantly notified of the document’s arrival, and after reading the instructions travels to the customer. The administrator can track the movement of the worker using Google maps, and they can exchange ad-hoc messages with one another. The remote worker completes the task and fills in the required information including pictures, signatures. This is instantly sent back to the administrator who can then approve the work, or pass it to other managers for checking or approval.

Mobile Scorecard integrates with Enterprise Scorecard, our mainstream business management system which can be used to implement ISO-compliant management systems for quality, business continuity, security, and IT service management. This can be used to trigger emails, SMS alerts, and reports in Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF format when appropriate conditions are met.

For applications such as delivery and field-service where many jobs need to be sent daily to many remote workers, Mobile Scorecard provides an optional route optimisation feature where the most efficient route is chosen for each worker allowing you to minimise travel costs and to complete the maximum jobs per day per remote worker.

Mobile Scorecard is offered in three versions:
•    A free version which allows the administrator to control all activity from a single Excel workbook;
•    A  monthly subscription service which includes the Android mobile app and a web interface to manage and design documents with ticket-based support;
•    and finally a custom version (highly recommended) where we provide a full design service, customisation of dashboards, templates, alerts, reports, and data integration of your solution, plus telephone and email support to ensure that everything works perfectly for your intended application.
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