E-Signature Application

Secure, application forms from your tablet

If your business requires a new clients to submit a paper applications, wouldn’t it be lovely to eliminate the hassle of gathering data and signatures from future clients? Even with modern electronic e-Signature web sites the process is neither simple nor cheap. Compare for a moment paper-based application forms and current-day e-Signature web sites:

Paper Forms

Electronic Applications & Signature

  1.        Send paper application to the client
  2.        Client fills in and signs documentation
  3.        Client posts or faxes the document to you
  4.        Admin transcribes paperwork into a computer
  5.        Print confirmation
  6.        Post back to client
  1.        Client fills in form on web site
  2.        Form converted to PDF file
  3.        Form uploaded to signature site
  4.        Client emailed link to another web site to electronically “sign”
  5.        Email signed document back to client
  6.        Documents filed back in CRM system

5-10 days / Administrative Burden!

Complex / Expensive!

Business Net Solutions are proud to introduce a much easier and cheaper solution to the electronic signature:

  1.       Download Mobile Scorecard from Google play.
  2.       Open a new document, fill in the details, sign with your finger, and click “Done”.
  3.       A PDF file with all details is emailed back to the client, and your admin department.
  4.       Data immediately available for export to any other computer system.

MS-signature-ipadThe Mobile Scorecard form can include instructions, guidance, and enter any amount of data entry, with optional sections, computed fields, and error checking. So for example you can include pictures from your phone camera; only ask questions relevant to that case; provide feedback such as estimated annual costs; or pull live data down from the server.

Information is retained on the server, for viewing, editing, reporting and data extraction for your management system.

Management reports available via Excel, HTML, emails, or PDF files.

The data entered into the form is transmitted to the server via secure SSL, and then deleted from the app – so guaranteeing the confidentiality of private data. Once on the web site, again the data is protected via SSL (https) so unauthorised users cannot access it – or else once sent on to your host system it can be deleted as well.


  •          No fuss process: Fill in details, sign, click done!
  •          Applications received and processed in seconds.
  •          Instant feedback, with no errors
  •          Data handled securely.
  •          Confirmation email with PDF document sent automatically.

Download now the E-Signature User Guide

How Much?

For a limited period we are offering new clients a complete bespoke solution for a one-off fee of £2000 (plus VAT where applicable).

This will include form design, report design, and system configuration. There are no user restrictions on the number of users, or the number of application forms.

How Quickly can I have it?

One week from receipt of your order.


100% satisfaction, or your money refunded in full. And that’s a promise.


Via email or phone, for the life of your application. We will maintain your application form and provide free updates to the software.

How can I get it?

Call me, Martin Anderson, on 01908 236807, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information:

See our web site www.businessnetsolutions.co.uk and www.mobilescorecard.co.uk