Logistics and Field Operations

The Mobile Scorecard Android app, linked to Enterprise Scorecard back-end web site, offers incredibly powerful and flexible tool for creating solutions for logistics and field repair companies.

Standard Features include:couriers-transportation

  • Driver timesheets and job history
  •  Barcode scanning
  • Integrated with Google maps
  • Vehicle / driver tracking and history
  • Vehicle safety inspection records
  • Point of delivery signature capture
  • Recipient notification via email and text
  • Live order tracking portal for recipients
  • Instant messaging between driver and coordinator
  • Job sheets and billing reports automatically emailed at end of job or in daily batc
  • Monitor field operative working times, tasks (documents open), and location

Custom Options

  • Customised job templates, with computed fields
  • Job sheets with barcodes
  • Accept new jobs via web forms, data upload, and web service
  • Document routing for approvals and exception management
  • Integrate with legacy systems via CSV, XML, XLS files and web services
  • Auto route scheduling via DPS International
  • SMS text to recipient notify ETA of delivery
  • Rugged Android Tablet or smartphone
  • Secure communications via SFTP and SHTTP.


According to your needs, we can host this service from our servers, or else deploy onto your (Windows) servers.

Success Story: Urban Bundles

We were recently contacted by this courier service for luxury goods who needed the ability to send delivery instructions to drivers within their fleet, and to collect proof-of-delivery evidence at the completion of each delivery. The system needed to be real-time, and they needed the system operational within one week. Communications had to be secure, and had to interface via a web service to their eCommerce web site. All these objectives were achieved, to everyone’s delight!


Since every implementation of this technology is different, we can only offer it as a solution customised to your exact needs. We are very happy to discuss your requirements either face-to-face or via a conference call. Normally our charges are a fixed system price, plus if applicable a recurring hosting and support fee. We do not charge per user, hence providing excellent value especially for larger customers.

Please call Martin Anderson on +44 (0) 1908 236807,

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