Risk Scorecard

Risk-Management Workflow



Customisable Dashboard: 

The first thing a user notices after sucessfully entering the system is his personalised dashboard. Some of the ‘widgets’ that can be customised and added to the dashboard are :

-Quick-links (eg. Risk Register's Desktop Shortcut)
-Calendar events (for risk checks, resource booking, office events)
-Multiple clocks
-Company announcements (depending on user-groups)
-Alerts and reminders (Risk Alerts, meeting alerts )
-News feeds (news feeds from external sources like financial times etc.)
-Bookmark External Sites (like BBC or Google)
and many more

audit-trail  Audit History - Log and Trail:
  Manager (or any ‘authorised’ personnel) can track every change made to the document in 'change log': 
  •    Who made any change
  •    When the change was made and
  •    Exactly what was changed



 controlled-accessControlled access to documents and reports:
Ability to set security levels based on organisational structure and on individuals, including:

•    Limit who has overall access, read only and edit rights
•    Limit access to risks for specific levels or areas
•    Limit visibility for a specific risk if very sensitive

Incident Register:

To fully comply with the Government regulations, workplace incidents and near misses need to be registered as risk and for taking mitigating actions. This requires a functionality to register and track the details of the incident and ensuring the emerging risk has been treated according to law. Create bespoke incident register with Risk Scorecard to record all such incidents and assess them for risks.


  Document Management:
  All the documents are arranged and stored under their respective projects allowing easy control and access. The 'Document view' screen allows users to see all the documents under a specific project. User can apply various filters like:
  •    Search by keyword
  •    Show by ‘status’ of the document – New, In-Progress or Completed
  •    By department, Client, etc.
  •    Bespoke search filters can be created for specific requirements


 Create new risk register documents:new-risk-document

Risk Scorecard allows users to create risk register document easily. These documents can be completed by a single person or if wished, it can be forwarded by reassigning the task to next responsible person or sending for ‘Approval’.
The output of the document is arranged in a systematic layout to review the current and target procedures. The document layout shows document details at the top like name, last edited by, when and at what time. This is useful to track the changes made to a document by different users. A separate copy of document is saved each time after a change is made.

risk-action  Assign risk actions:

  Once identified the risks, mitigation plans can be assigned to various Risk Mangers in the form of Risk Actions to reduce the proximity of that risk. The senior management can track the risk manager’s current progress and the next steps in accordance with the plan.




Risk Reporting: risk-matrix

Risk Scorecard provides a set of standard reports, e.g. tables, summary risk charts, profiles for risk registers or individual risks, all answers report, risk appetite, risk trends, incident trends, etc.

 Some of the reporting capabilities of Risk Scorecard system include:

•    Charts, graphs to show risk scores and trends

•    The ability to export data and reports easily into embedded Excel objects which can be pasted into Microsoft Office Word documents for council / board papers

•    This information can be updated after the export

•    With Reports Broadcast Scheduler, reports can be scheduled for email to senior managers

•    Create E-mail Alerts before the due date a task 


•    Ability to design or adapt basic reports i.e. the ease with which bespoke reports can be created and maintained

•    Ability for more complex reports to be designed by expert users

•    Ease of printing – Reports and documents can be printed by a single click