collaborationEnterprise Scorecard is an Intranet for building business management systems. In addition to a number of pre-configured Solutions Enterprise Scorecard can be customised for a wide range of business scenarios using components described here:

Personalised Dashboards:

Every user can have unique landing page (dashboards). Users can edit their dashboards to make it more personalised.
Some of the items that can be personalised within own dashboard by a user includes:

  • RSS feeds
  • Quick links to menus
  • Links to external pages like search engine or related article website
  • Instant messaging chat
  • Email replies can be seen and managed from online database
  • World clocks and currency convertor tool and
  • Absence management (Holiday Planner) etc..
  • Users can see the company news, announcements and events posted by administrator.

Users can check the company calendar with possibility for resources booking and meeting scheduling. The calendar can be synchronised with Microsoft Exchange or MS Outlook. 
The below screenshot of Enterprise Scorecard’s dashboard demonstrates some of the mentioned features:


 Controlled User Access

It is essential that users can see and use only those parts of the system they are allowed to. Enterprise Scorecard controls access to its functions, documents and files via a system of role-based permissions and member ship of user groups.  You can also configure access for your customers and suppliers to that the system can become a central information hub for your business and all its external interactions.

user edit 

Online Process Documentation (Wiki)

All businesses need to provide their staff with easily accessible documentation that defines their policies, people, values, and processes. A single source of controlled documentation is needed, and the Wiki provides a convenient way for our clients to create and maintain their business manuals, ensuring that their users always have access to the one, definitive, and agreed document. This is essential for compliance with the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management systems, and other ISO management system standards.


File Sharing Library

A hierarchically organised directory of documents can be maintained by the site administrator. Access to the documents is once again controlled so that users can only access the most up-to-date document, that they have been granted permission to access.

Discussion Forum

Enterprise scorecard contains a discussion forum so that users can create discussion topics and exchange messages within one another. Organising dynamic company information in this way is especially useful to avoid information being passed around (and getting lost) in emails. Access to discussion areas can be controlled, and the contents can be searched. Use the discussion forum for rapidly changing business projects, and the business Wiki for more static policy statements and procedure documentation. 

Email Integration, Group Calendar & Room Booking

If these features are required, then Enterprise Scorecard is able to integrate with the MailEnable mail server to allow emails, calendars, contacts, and files to be accessed from a web browser, via Microsoft Outlook, or a suitable mail/media client on a phone or tablet. Users can access their business emails from home, on the move easily. They can also see and manage their meetings, contacts, etc. easily from anywhere.


When a user-logs in to his home page, Enterprise Scorecard allows announcements to be displayed according to the user groups that the member belongs to. This can be a useful tool to provide leadership, spread corporate messages, and to provide instructions in disaster recovery circumstances.

Content Managed and External Web Pages

If needed you can create and edit HTML information pages and include external web pages and integrate these into the web site. Enterprise Scorecard is not a fully-featured “content management system”, however if this is needed we can integrate with various external CMS systems.

Common Business Forms

Your Enterprise Scorecard comes with a number of common business forms such as:

  • Holiday request forms
  • Expenses claim forms
  • Accident Report forms
  • Quality Improvement Suggestions
  • Change Requests

We, and other users are continually developing forms such as these which are added into a shared form library which you can freely access and then customise to your own needs.