Management & Growth

Management & Growth

Enterprise Scorecard has a number of features designed to help you perform essential management functions. In addition, it has features that will help you plan, manage and improve the growth of specific projects and the business as a whole.

Integrated Management System

Enterprise Scorecard is an intranet application designed specifically for creating management systems, especially for companies who wish to follow the guidelines and standards for management systems as defined by International Standards Organisation (ISO) and national standards bodies. Of course every business is different, and Enterprise Scorecard is flexible so that although it has a lot of core functionality ready for use, you are not forced to run your business in a way that we define. You simply need to define the essential components for YOUR management system and Enterprise Scorecard provides the tools to allow the management system to be constructed. Regardless of the objectives for your management system there are many features that will be common to all, for example PAS99 identifies these features which you will find in Enterprise Scorecard: A controlled and easily accessible source for policy procedure documentation.

  • Methods to communicate policy to staff
  • Provision for risk assessments and contingency planning
  • Monitoring and auditing the system
  • Handling non-conformities
  • Periodic management review and system improvement

Task & Project Management

You need to create tasks, assign them to users, and track them to ensure they are completed on time. You may already have a task tracking system in your business, but if not Enterprise Scorecard contains a simple task planning, tracking, and timesheet application. We use it ourselves to manage support requests from our clients, but you can also use it to track all the activities created within you management system created as the result of: 

  • Actions within identified projects
  • Audit failures
  • Preventative and corrective actions generated during management reviews

Centralised Dashboard

Every day when users log in to Enterprise Scorecard they are presented with a dashboard that summarises any announcements or alerts directed to them; any documents assigned to them that require working on; tasks requiring completion; documents requiring review; reports on corporate and personal objectives that need completing.

Crisis Management

Enterprise Scorecard ensures that staff contact lists and reporting hierarchies are kept up-to-date. In addition it can provide instructions to users according to their group membership. Alerts can be triggered when significant events occur, and these alerts can result in text messages and emails being sent to appropriate users to trigger the disaster management plans. Above all, the planning for and the documentation of disaster management procedures are held in the central off-site intranet. So in the event that internal systems fail, users can still access key information and documentation from Enterprise Scorecard.

Policy Audits

A successful enterprise must state it’s  guiding policies and values. It must also educate staff to follow these principles. However it must also verify periodically that policies in areas such as corporate and financial governance, health and safety, and environmental responsibility are being followed “out in the field”. Enterprise Scorecard provides the tools to allow internal audits of policies across the full spectrum of the management system to be audited, and then corrective actions to be instigated and tracked.


Similar to the above audits, there are a number of best practice checklists that have been implemented in Enterprise Scorecard. You can use these to identify areas in your business where there are “opportunities for improvement”.

Skills and Competencies

You can use Enterprise Scorecard to conduct staff appraisals and to set objectives for personal development of staff, ensuring this aligns with corporate objectives. You can use this information to create and deliver training courses to staff, which you can subsequently assess using online tests.

Corporate Objectives and the Balanced Scorecard

Enterprise Scorecard can also be used to set measurable corporate objectives that are defined to achieve the aims of the business. You can then instigate improvement programs to monitor progress towards achieving those objectives. This is commonly presented as a Balanced Scorecard which rapidly shows the weighted trends in the four areas of:

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Customer
  • Staff & Knowledge

Enterprise Scorecard (hence its name) is designed to help you achieve success.

Process Diagrams & Organisation Chart

Enterprise scorecard includes the abilities to create charts and to link these to dynamic and static documents.

Help Desk

Embedded within Enterprise Scorecard is a help desk system. We use it to provide support to our clients. However, you can also use the system to provide internal services such as IT support and facilities requests.

Extensible Microsoft Technology

Enterprise Scorecard is developed by Business Net Solutions Ltd, and apart from some specialised controls provided by Telerik, the technology is based entirely Microsoft Windows, .NET framework, C#.NET and SQL server. With the skills of our developers and many years experience in the business there are no limits therefore to enhancements that we can make what we can do for you.