Solutions Centre

Solution Centre is made of pre- made and customised products designed for every business that wish to automate and enhance their operations and services. 

hotel inspections

  • Data Gathering Package - Can be used in gathering information about your business and work environment
  • Self Assessment, Auditing & Corrective Actions - Let your business be more efficient and effective by assessments, auditing and correcting processes 
  • Display Screen Equipment - Make sure your employees abide to display screen equipment act of 1992. Assess your company employees internally.
  • Training & Testing - Evaluate your employees competencies on their jobs with this product
  • Logistics and Field Operations - Great for repair, field and on the go auditing
  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • First Safety Package
  • Health & Safety Package
  • Risk Assessments & Impact Analysis
  • Report Centre
  • Hospitality 
  • Corporate Governance