Compliance Audit Software

Abiding to regulatory standards with a complete compliance software

Tell Us What You Are Looking For:

Compliance audit software helps companies to have their workplace abide to regulatory practices and we have found that the most enthusiastic users of Mobile Scorecard and Enterprise Scorecard use it to conduct audits of business rules such as:

  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • Fire Safety Inspections
  • Financial & Corporate Governance Assessmentself audit, corrections

You will use Enterprise Scorecard if you want to email questionnaires to users asking them to complete a self-assessment questionnaire; or you will use Mobile Scorecard if you wish an auditor in the field to record the details of a formal audit.

Your system will come with the above three example audits all set up ready for use, or for customisation by yourself or using our support team. It is easy to use and it is like a network of audit software, where you can see graphic display dashboards and alerts.

Subscription Service

Subscribe to our design and support service either for a monthly or annual service fee, and we will set up your templates, users, and report. In addition we will answer all your questions, make any changes, and fix any issues you may encounter. There is no long-term commitment as you can cancel service if it is no longer required. Subscribers can also suggest enhancements to the software, and when possible we will build these changes into future releases to the program.

No Risk Guarantee

We realise that it is sometimes hard to get going with any new service such as this. So this is our promise: Sign up for the service using one of the following PayPal payment options, or email us for a traditional invoice and payment. Tell us exactly what you need to achieve with the system (data entry and reporting) and we will set it up for you. If the system and our service does not live up to your expectation, we will refund your first month’s payment, and any unused advanced payment.

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