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Are you in the Courier and Logistics industry? Then you must be aware of the challenges that one faces during the daily operations.

What are the biggest challenges in Courier and Logistics industry?MS1

-          Lengthy delivery paperwork slowing down your business

-          Managing the delivery drivers and other staff, fleet vehicles and petrol allowance

-          How to improve work efficiency by allotting jobs on the same route to the same driver

-          Difficulty in tracking real time position of the drivers

-          How can we provide better delivery experience to the customers/clients

-          How to create a system to notify and instantly send new job details to delivery drivers

-          How to beat your competition by providing extra premium service at no extra costs

After consultation with some of the big players in the sector, Mobile Scorecard team has created a solution that will help your business to focus more on your operations and worry less about the paperwork and managing your workforce.

Let’s see how Mobile Scorecard works:

Mobile Scorecard is a data gathering solution which can be used by mobile users to collect data from remote sites on their handheld devices and send it to the office staff. All these information can be accessed on mobile scorecard’s web dashboard. The dashboard provides features like current status of the job, user tracking, instant messaging, multimedia capture facility and visual reports for managers.

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Benefits of using Courier and Transport Solution for your logistics business:

Mobile Scorecard allows your business to automate most of the functions like providing instant alerts for new delivery request, delivery instructions to mobile drivers, tracking of users, customer feedback.

Turn your offline process into automated system:

A new customer order request from the website can send an alert to the back office to assign a mobile driver for the delivery. Admin can locate all the jobs in a particular region and assign a mobile driver for the set of jobs for improving the efficiency.

Assign jobs to employees and track progress from desktop application:

Managers can assign inspection to mobile drivers and keep track of the progress (new, in-progress or completed). Mobile drivers are notified on their device (SMS facility can be used as well) when the inspection is received on their mobile devices.

Easy-to-use forms:

The existing paper courier job-sheets can be re-created into digital format and therefore needs little or no training of mobile scorecard app. Delivery address and other instructions are clearly given before each task. The app allows various input question like single or multi-line texts, radio buttons, multiple choices, yes-no-NA with reason, etc.

Offline data collection:

Mobile Scorecard’s offline data collection allows mobile drivers to go to remote sites and perform jobs where there is no internet connection available. Users can complete the checklist locally on the device and once internet connection is reached or restored, the app syncs the data straight to the servers. This avoids the need to re-enter the data into computer systems or physical storage space.

Collect and gather data on hand-held device:

All the essential details like customer name, address, and product details are sent to driver on his mobile device. Mobile drivers can use in-built GPS function to locate the customer pin code. Once the delivery is done, mobile drivers can collect the customer signature and feedback. Other journey details like vehicle details, meter readings for petrol allowance can also be entered.

Instant Reports available:

Admin and managers can see the all the completed tasks and its reports instantaneously on the web dashboard. Reports and charts can be exported into other programs.

Success Stories:

Urban Bundles: A premium delivery service provider for luxury brands in London

Mobile Scorecard converted Urban Bundles’ traditional paper based delivery job requests into digital forms. Information necessary to complete the job (customer name, address, postcode navigation) is entered into the system.

Admin can assign the job to the appropriate driver depending upon their availability and other job schedules. This allows to drivers to perform most optimally and perform multiple jobs of the same route. Therefore, saving on petrol consumption and labour force optimises the utilisation of available resources.

Chiltern Railways: A British train operating company providing regional services from Central London

For the safety of the commuters, its staff and the environment, safety checks are crucial. To ensure their safety, Chiltern Railways are required to maintain safety standards and take regular checks and inspections.

Safety Inspectors can carry out inspections straight from their mobile and upload it to the servers without any need to re-enter data. This data is automatically stored and converted into visual reports for managers. Staff can click any pictures of any non-compliance or incidents for reporting purposes.