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Under UK regulations employers are obliged to conduct Health and Safety risk assessments for employees using Display Screen Equipment. This can be time consuming and expensive process. In addition corrective actions need to be managed so that companies do not endanger the health and well-being of their staff. Advisa Solutions Ltd provide consultancy for Health and Safety DSE risk assessments.

Business Objectives

SmallAdvisaThe company already had a CD-based assessment program for use in DSE assessments; however this had proved to be cumbersome in deployment and difficult to gather and report on data originating from diverse locations, especially within international companies. An Internet solution for gathering survey data would be preferable since the data would be gathered into one location from where reports and corrective actions could be managed. In addition, thanks to increasing regulation from the European Community and the ever-present need to gather data about business operations it was realised that users needed to be able to define their own surveys and reports without having to create custom software for each possible application.


A web application was created for Windows 2003 server, using the C#.NET in Microsoft Visual Studio. This allowed a functionally rich and user-friendly interface to be defined. Behind this a SQL 2000 database was used to allow different clients, users, questionnaires and dynamically structured survey templates to be stored. A generic reporting tool is used to generate HTML reports with optional download into CSV files. For some customer-specific needs additional reports are generated within Excel workbooks. This allows clients to sort, filter, and chart report data using the sophisticated data management tools in Microsoft Office. Additionally data output can be provided in XML data format, PDF files, and email.

An eCommerce interface is being developed to allow users to order and pay for access to the software with the minimum of sales or management interaction.


The power of the survey creation tool and reporting facilities is such that clients keep finding new applications for it. For example it is being used to gather insurance claim and financial data by an international commodity trader. It is also being used to replace credit-scoring and data-gathering applications previously requiring expensive call centre staff to manage.


The functionality and ease-of use of this tool together with the business consulting skills of Advisa Solutions is permitting a growing community of businesses to devise and monitor powerful business metrics and conduct process improvement programs.

"We are very pleased with the functionality and ease of use of the software developed for us by Business Net Solutions. In particular we appreciate the assistance that has been provided in delivering sophisticated information systems to our clients"

- Malcolm Sutcliffe, Managing Director, Advisa Solutions Ltd.