EDFM LogoEDFM are a global commodities and risk management enterprise that successfully use Enterprise Scorecard to gather information about their world-wide operations. EDFM commissioned us to create various solutions for them including:
  • A register of Marine Insurance Declarations, approval, and printing of insurance certificates
  • Warehouse contents and risk assessments
  • Legal disputes register
  • Financial governance survey


The original challenge faced was to determine what commodities were stored in their warehouses in their various divisions and countries around the world, and ensuring that the buildings were adequate and properly insured. This occupied an inspector full-time, flying around the world with his clipboard and consolidating information weeks later in Excel spreadsheets. It was costing a fortune in both air-travel and excessive insurance premiums.

The advantages of Enterprise Scorecard are that the application can be accessed anywhere in the world from any computer that has a web browser. Information is stored securely and reliably on a powerful and secure central server. There is no need for expensive IT administrators to maintain the system or deploy it on PCs. Also, very importantly, access to the information can be precisely controlled so that users only see and update information that they are supposed to.

It is worth noting that the system shown below was designed, created, and deployed ready for live operation across the EDFM enterprise in just four weeks.
Examples of Delivered Functionality
Below are some screen shots and explanations of the functionality of this portal. This is not comprehensive, but give a flavour of what is possible with Enterprise Scorecard. 
Please note for reasons of confidentiality, none of the information displayed here is real. These screen shots have been taken from a training system.
A vast amount of information is gathered about their global operations and stored in a central web portal, allowing controlled access to documentation, reports, and data. After logging in to the system, the portal appears as in the following example. This shows a static library of documentation and a drop-down menu providing access to the main data entry screen.


Warehouse Inspection Reports
From the main menu, a list of warehouse inspection reports can be seen. The system reports the status of each survey, and a full transaction history of every edit of every field, plus who made the edits, and when the inspection is due to be repeated.
When a Warehouse Inspection report is opened, a large number of questions are displayed. These record a vast number of details about each warehouse. Please note that the structure of these documents is very easy to define and change. Indeed you can change the structure of the document as often as you wish, and all data is retained in the format it was originally entered. The documents are structured into sections, and access to different sections can be controlled according to the defined responsibilities of the users. Some questions may be conditional on others, so that it is possible to require that some answers are only needed in given circumstances.
Marine & Inland Transit Insurance
An Insurance declaration is a record of the transportation of a commodity (via Road, Rail, Sea), its value, and an associated computation of the insurance premium. These declarations can be made by different users within different companies around the world. Using a web browser users enter their declarations into a central database and print the necessary documentation. In addition declarations can be reviewed and approved at head office, so that monthly reports can be generated for submission to the Royal & Sun Alliance  insurance company.
The system generates legal insurances certificates such as this:


System Configuration
One feature the client wished to have was the editing of all lists via Excel workbooks. This included look-ups such as currencies, insurance rates, portal, insurance agents, war and aged-vessel premiums. This made maintenance and operation of the system very simple for non-technical users



An important function within the system is maintenance of record of all disputes involving the corporation. This information is gathered from around the world, and scrutinised by the legal experts in London. Full listings of the disputes are generated in Excel workbooks and Word merge documents. (Information has naturally been hidden here).


A vast array of reports were created for the system. These are delivered as web pages, into Excel workbooks, or PDF files emailed to appropriate managers. Here is a sample of the reports.